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Football & Science Monthly
Incorporating "The Agricultural Supplement"
"Football and science / Live together in perfect harmony". That's what Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney might've sung, rather than wittering on about piano keyboards and the like. For football and science make an ideal partnership. Join us as we explore that kind of thing.

Now re-published (FREE binder with Issue One!), "Football and Science Monthly" examines the relationship between the people's game and the, erm, boffin's experiments in the kind of detail that you'd expect from people who've been in the pub at lunchtime. As an extra treat, "The Agricultural Supplement" is the first in BSaD's exciting "print out and throw away" series.

Do you know anything about life? Do you spend too much time fiddling with your bunsen burner? Do you wear glasses? Have you invented something really amazing that we can steal from you and sell for vast profit? Are you Philippa Forrester from TV's Tomorrow's World and Barking Mad?

Well, BSaD would love to hear from you. (Particularly you, Philippa - we're not so bothered about the rest, to be honest).

Football and Science Monthly:

Yellow balls
Perpetual promotion
Relative ballistics

The Agricultural Supplement:

A Study of Pest Control and Crop Rotation at Craven Cottage
Come on moo Horns!