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Gone but not forgotten:
Nathan Lowndes
Position: Striker
From: Leeds United - £10,000 - November 1995
Record: Played: 3(8) Scored: 0
To: St Johnstone - £50,000 - August 1998
Career stats: Soccerbase
He was: Ginger

Strange one, this. Reserve players come and go, forgettable and regrettable. No-one mourned the passing of Geoff Pitcher's professional career, no-one could think of a good reason why we'd signed Steve Talboys in the first place.

So why is Nathan Lowndes any different?

Here's why. Of his eleven first team outings in nearly three years, every one showed considerable promise. He's caused good defences - Sheffield Wednesday, most notably - a few problems with his quick, eager style. He didn't score but, unlike several other Watford contemporaries, he didn't ever look like he wasn't going to score either. On each occasion, he was rewarded by being dropped.

That's unfortunate. A longer run in the side, taking him past the initial adrenalin-fuelled burst, could have exposed flaws and provided visible foundation for Graham Taylor's doubts. As it stands, we just have to take the manager's word for it. But I can't help feeling that maybe, just maybe, St Johnstone have got themselves a bargain.

I'm probably wrong. It be just a feelin' in me bones. He's still only in his early twenties, a fact well hidden by his status as 'reserve team veteran'. He'll arrive fired up at the new opportunity. He'll be playing for a manager who bought, rather than inherited, him. He'll probably make this profile look very foolish by disappearing without a trace.

Keep an eye on Nathan Lowndes. St Johnstone Reserves, here he comes!