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Gone but not forgotten:
Steve Talboys
Position: Midfielder
From: Wimbledon - free transfer - July 1996
Record: Played: 3(4) Scored: 0
To: ??? - free transfer - January 1998
Career stats: Soccerbase
He was: A scarecrow

We love a good midfielder here at BSaD. Glance through these pages and you'll find more gushing praise during the last three years for the likes of Hessenthaler, Palmer and Johnson than anyone else.

Why? For me, it's like this. Goalkeepers, defenders and forwards can all win or lose games, they can be the heroes and villains. But a great midfielder is able to do more than that. A great midfielder dominates like a sculptor, dictating the shape and style of the play, carving out moments of beauty from within his kingdom.

Seen in action, it's a wonderful thing. A midfielder's brain ticking over before he picks out an option you hadn't even spotted from the stands. The threat of an opposition attack snuffed out by someone having the vision to notice and track a forward run. Your team's offensive play sharpened by a dart from deep by someone picking their moment. Football is dramatic and drama is scripted by a playwright.

(None of the above applies to Steve Talboys, a player of energy but no influence.)

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