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Famous victories:

League Cup 2nd Round 2nd Leg, 2/9/80
Watford 7
Team: Steele, Henderson, Jackett, Patching, Sims, Bolton, Blissett, Poskett, Jenkins, Train, Rostron
Subs: Callaghan (for Train)
Scorers: Patching, Train, Poskett 2, Bolton (pen), Jenkins, Callaghan
Southampton 1
Graham Taylor's programme notes

Tonight, we face what almost everybody considers is an impossible task - and that is, to pull back a four goal deficit against a Southampton team, which includes players of not only outstanding ability but of proven international stature.

Whilst I would be the first to admit that from a result point of view it is a daunting task, on no account would I not want to be involved in this type of challenge.

My biggest disappointment is that this situation should have arisen in the first place.

It is by now common knowledge to all associated with the Club, not least the players, that our display in the first leg at Southampton last week I considered to be inept and woeful. Not only did we miss a wonderful opportunity to show people our true capabilities both as a team and as individuals, we did in fact let down ourselves and our supporters.

We are fortunate that tonight we have another chance to redeem ourselves.

Whilst it may be asking the impossible for a five goal win, it is not asking the improbable for a win in this leg and it is asking for nothing in demanding full and total conviction from all of the players in Watford shirts tonight.

Anything less than that is a complete let down of everything this Club is trying to stand for.

There is a way to win and a way to lose in this game, and whilst no-one likes losing, I am prepared to tolerate it providing I keep my pride. I was not able to do that at Southampton.

Whatever tonight's result, I expect all Watford players to walk off the pitch and be able to look people in the eye.

Having said that, may I welcome Lawrie McMenemy and his team. It is teams like Southampton, Ipswich and Norwich that Watford are trying to emulate.

Whilst we have come a long way in a short time we are aware of how much more we have to do, but as long as the so-called "smaller" clubs keep showing their prowess in the First Division it helps to maintain our own ambitions and hopes.

I personally would love to see one of these clubs win the League Championship on merit.

If I may have the temerity to offer any advice to Southampton in their efforts to achieve this, it would be the following - forget about the League Cup - it may affect your League title chances!

Graham Taylor