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Famous victories:

League Cup 4th Round, 28/10/80
Watford 4
Team: Steele, Henderson, Harrison, Blissett, Sims, Jackett, Pritchett, Poskett, Jenkins, Train, Rostron
Scorers: Blissett, Jenkins 3
Nottingham Forest 1
Ross Jenkins profile
Watford programme, 28/19/80

Do-It-Yourself fan Ross Jenkins aims to hammer a few nails into Nottingham Forest's coffin tonight.

He says that a goal or two against the European Champions would make up for the disappointment of not scoring against them in the League Cup semi-final two years ago.

Forest were only one of a few clubs that escaped the Jenkins goal spree that season - he netted 37 times in League and Cup games.

"I had the consolation of knowing that my goals helped Watford to gain promotion from Division Three, and that was the important thing," says Ross. "But it would have been nice to have scored at least one against Forest.

"It will be satisfying to put the record straight this year but I've got to win a place in the side first.

"Those two games still stand out in my memory. Forest were a well organised side then and I'm sure they'll be just as difficult to beat now.

"People said I was a marked man the last time but I've learned to live with that. I'm a centre forward and I'll always be closely marked."

Ross experienced a very up-and-down season last year after that explosive campaign of 1978-79. He struggled against injury and played only 22 league games, scoring five times.

He believes his form depends largely on how well the team is playing but he doesn't blame his colleagues for his lack of goals last season.

"Ideally, I would love to score every time we attack but I realise that is simply not possible. Goalscoring is a difficult thing to define and when the goals have dried up it's sometimes hard to remedy the situation," says Ross.

"My game depends on getting on the end of crosses and through balls and if I do that I know the goals will start to flow again.

"I've had eight years at Watford and I'm very settled here. But football is a funny game and you can never tell what the future holds in store.

"At the moment I think I'm doing a good job for the club but the manager could see it differently.

"Scoring 37 times is nice to look back on but I'm always searching to better myself. Everyone must want to go as high in their profession as they possible can, and I'm no exception to the rule."

Ross, who celebrates his 29th birthday on November 4, is married to Eve and they have an eight-year old son called Ross.

Off the field he enjoys woodwork, especially making furniture, and doing jobs around the house. He's always liked working with wood but says he never attempts to make anything too difficult.

During the summer months Ross loves to go wind-surfing. "I became interested in the sport three years ago. I arrived on the beach one day and had a go. Eve also likes to have a try but Ross is still too small. He's beginning to show an interest in water-skiing."