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Famous victories:

FA Cup Quarter-Final, 21/2/70
Watford 1
Team (a-z): Endean, Garbett, Lees, Lugg, Owen, Packer, Scullion, Walker (gk), Walley, Welbourne, Williams
Scorers: Endean
Liverpool 0
Uncharted territory
Report by Steve Freedman

I was only nine at the time, but this match left such an impression that some years later I wrote about it in my English 'O' Level (the examiner must have been a Watford fan...I got an 'A'!).

I lived at that time in Cricklewood, NW London, about a ten mile bus ride away from Watford, which at the best of times was an incredibly slow journey. My elder brother who was taking me to the game suggested we leave a bit earlier than usual, so we did....about 9.30am!

We arrived at Watford High Street about 1.00pm. The journey had been painful and the anticipation killing. On alighting the bus this mass wave of humanity swept us all the way to Vicarage Road; it seemed like my feet did not touch the ground. The feeling of camaraderie and a common goal was immense, and only ever equalled at 1984 Cup Final.

When we finally reached the ground, we were told by the police that we could not enter through our normal Red Lion Corner turnstile due to the Vicarage Road end being a mini replica of the Liverpool Kop.

To get to our usual vantage point in front of the old Shrodells Stand, we would have to walk down Occupation Road, enter via The Rookery and walk round. This was uncharted territory and a little unnerving to an impressionable nine year old, but whilst inching along at the front of The Rookery, an unbelievably loud chant of 'Watford, Watford' rang out. It was deafening but music to my ears.

The game was a blur, save for Ray Lugg nutmegging the Liverpool full-back, sending over the most inviting of crosses for the flying Barry Endean to power his header beyond the hapless Lawrence in the Liverpool goal and the delirium that followed.

The journey home was just as long as the one to Watford but not surprisingly went very quickly and for once, the following Monday at school, it was quite pleasant being a Watford fan!