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Stewart Scullion
The wizard on the wing
By Chris Salter

Stewart Scullion is 10th in the list of most Watford appearances, and slots into the highest goal-scorers table at 16th. These bald facts describe a man who, in two spells at Vicarage Road spanning eleven years, made himself as much the "Darling of the Crowd" as almost anyone ever has. He was the complete master of the ball, and I for one will always remember the roars as Scully sold yet another dummy to leave yet another defender flat on his face in the mud.

Stewart arrived at the club when the fans were mourning the final departure of their greatest post-war hero, Cliff Holton, and over the next decade he filled the void left in their hearts by the "Big Fella". When it comes to heart, Scully possessed one as big as they come, and we spectators came to realise that engraved on it was the word, "Watford". When he signed for Watford, the club had never risen above Division III and without this genius of wing play who can be sure that they would have won the division in 1969, taking Watford to the "undreamed of heights of Division II"?