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Stewart Scullion
The end of the story
By Chris Salter

Sadly, Stewart was never again to play for a Watford side challenging for promotion. 1975-6 was his last season with us, and in February 1976 for 8,000 pounds he left for the steamy climate of Tampa Bay, to become a Rowdie with much more class than the name suggests. Later, he returned briefly to the English scene with Wimbledon, and then spent two further US seasons with the Portland Timbers in more-temperate Oregon. It is a nice touch that during his time in the States, Scully turned out for "Team America" v England. This Scotsman by birth must have really relished the chance to take on the "Old Enemy"!

Stewart is still an active sportsman, though with his golf clubs rather than dribbling the big leather ball. And I wonder how many reading this will have realised that when their baggage reaches them safely after a flight from Terminal 4, London Airport, that the person they can thank, organising the baggage network behind the scenes, is none other than Scully himself, having traded in the wing for wings!

In the memories of us Watford supporters who saw him week after week, Stewart Scullion will always fill a special place. In his epic "Centenary Book", Olly Phillips speaks for us all when he nominates Scully as the "Player of his Era, and one of the twenty all-time Watford greats". If the tyranny of time could be defeated, and a Watford team of the very best be chosen from the twenty he named, I can only say that many of us would expect to see Stewart in the starting line-up, and rub our hands in delight to see him tearing down the by-line, tongue prominent, to put across the perfect cross for a Big Cliff or Boy Barnett to nod in!