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Ross Jenkins
"Thanks a million"

Dear Supporters,

Being awarded a testimonial by Watford FC is one of the highlights of my life as a player, and serves to remind me of my many other highlights which led up to this event.

In general terms, being a member of the three promotion teams during the past five years has been a source of great satisfaction to me. We all want personal success, but to be a part of three great winning teams has been a tremendous experience. The sensation is addictive, and now that Watford is in the 1st Division, I can't wait for us to win something.

On a personal level, I remember two Player of the Season Trophies, the second with a record number of votes. We all know that I couldn't do it alone, but it is a thrill to be singled out for a special honour. Then there was the season that I ended up with the most goals in the country, and won an Adidas Golden Boot! I also remember individual games. I'll never forget thrashing Southampton 7-1, or my hat-trick against Forest. Even the low spots seemed to have helped me. Going to America for six months break re-charged my batteries, and my first game at Chelsea after my return is one of my favourite memories.

I mention all of these highlights because I want to emphasise the importance of one special award which I prize above all the others. Shortly after I notched my hundredth goal, a group of young Rookery Enders gave me a plain tankard which said, "100 goals - Big Fella". It means more to me than all the others because I owe so much of my success to the Rookery Enders. They have supported me through thick and thin, and it is their encouragement which has made this benefit year a reality. I shall never forget them and hope that when the old war horse retires, that they can do as much again for the young lions coming through our ranks.

Thanks a million,

Ross Jenkins

(Taken from Ross Jenkins' Testimonial Souvenir Brochure)