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Cliff Holton

Holton signs for Watford
"Posed for the sensational signing. Neil McBain, who had nothing to do with the transfer, is brought in alongside chairman Jim Bonser to witness Cliff Holton's signature. Secretary Ron Rollitt, long-serving director Cecil White and boardroom colleague Bill Graver look on. Ironically, the man who conceived the entire venture, Doug Broad, was absent."

Goals Incorporated 1959-60
"There was a total of 124 goals for the trio of Dennis Uphill, John Fairbrother (Reserves' centre forward) and Cliff Holton."

Sheffield United 1960
"Cliff Holton heads and Dennis Uphill awaits the results at Bramall Lane."

Holton heads home
"Holton heading his second goal against Halifax."

Team photo 1959-60
"The team that won the hearts of thousands of Watford fans and is still revered years later. The essential 1959-60 line-up takes a bow. Back row: Bell, Catleugh, McNeice, Linton, Chung, Nicholas. Sitting: Benning, Uphill, Holton, Hartle, Bunce."

Programme cover, 1960

Watford Observer tribute photo

Photos and text from Oliver Phillips' Official Centenary Book. Halifax photo from Watford Observer. Programme cover from Jonathan Richards.