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Elton John
"Dreams do come true"
By Don Fraser

I have, for my sins, been a Hornet, for many years and intend to be for as long as the Great Hornet in the Sky deems it possible.

Born in Amersham, for some inexplicable reason (at least to me), the family moved down to deepest West Cornwall. Being born a flid I was soon packed off to 'special' school. In other words, a boarding school where you received basic education along with physio every day. This was situated just outside Plymouth in Devon and, as such, I didn't get to go home much, at least in all but the last couple of years I was there.

I remember going in the school minibus a few times to watch Plymuff Argyle (god, that was an ordeal, but at least we were 'let out' for a while). I had mentioned on many occasions that I liked football and supported Watford FC. This was usually followed by comments like "who, they're only a Division (usually) Four side and quite often bottom at that!". Most of the people at boarding school who 'followed' a team were supporters of whoever was top of Division One at the time. So it goes to show that not a lot has changed over the years. 'Twas ever thus and probably always will be.

For what it's worth, the reason I grew up a Hornet was that a very early age I found out that a relative, who, to my knowledge, I never met was a Vice President. To my young ears this sounded very grand and I think this meant that at some time he (Doug Broad) had put some dosh into the club. Whatever the reason, it was a good enough one for me and thus a Hornet was born.

I was in the top class at school at age eleven (you usually had to stay there until fifteen or sixteen) and this, combined with the fact that it was a new 'enlightened' era of chucking flids into 'normal' school, meant that I left boarding school to go to a normal school, all be it in West Cornwall, which is a long way from Vicarage Road, but still contains many Hornets.

Again the revelation that I supported Watford was met with the 'usual' comments, but more and more there was the added comment that "Elton John supports them, doesn't he?". This was, usually, followed by comments on his musical ability, or lack of,and later comments on his sexual orientation. So, even if, at the time, we were still a lower division club, Elton's presence was raising the profile.

As I now went to a normal school it meant that I could, as often as I was able, get to Vic Road. I remember going there one summer for a concert but more importantly going to see my team play. Sitting in the Main Stand - no expense spared - I remember spotting EJ, but I still longed to stand on the Rookery, as I suspected EJ 'secretly' wanted to as well.

So the years rolled by and, having finished my A-Levels, I couldn't wait to leave home. Largely for family reasons too, but that's by the by. Of course, there was no question as to where I would move to, so I literally packed two bags, no knotted hankie, and headed for sunny Watford for good.

GT - supported in every sense by Elton's drive, vision, and yes, of course, money - was performing absolute blinding miracles as we steamed up the leagues. It was a dream come true. Promotion and numerous giantkillings in the Cups were followed by nights in the rundown old Social Club, when the players used to turn up behind the bar and dish out the drink. The Social Club was a dump, to say the least, but held some magic nights. A bit like Watford FC, really. Time marches on and the Social Club is no more, but the memories still remain.

For what ever reason, EJ has been coming to games less and less. Even Watford fans have been 'having a dig' at his non-attendance. Whether a pauper or a millionaire, how anyone spends their time or their money is their decision and theirs alone, and I can't believe the vitriol that EJ has received.

There are many Hornets that I know who, for one reason or another, were unable to go to Wembley on either occasion, and indeed there are those who have never seen the Golden Boys play. For whatever reason, they have the Hornets in their heart and always will.

Let's not forget that Elton was the catalyst for our rise up the divisions, and without a doubt, wherever I have been in the world if you mention Watford FC the name of Elton John is not too far behind.

Cheers, Elton. I know you'll keep the faith. See you at Wembley (Arena) in December and if they ever re-build the other one...