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Season Preview
The close-season is a time to take stock, review the lay of the land and plan for the next campaign. As such, BSaD has again decided to conduct a probing survey into the distinct characteristics of the supporters of Division Two clubs. Your participation would be greatly appreciated...
Results will be summarised on BSaD in time for the start of the season on August 6th.

Name (optional):

Club supported:

Where will your team finish next season?

Which two teams do you want to go up this season?
(in addition to your own) 


And which three would you want to go down?

Which Division Two (Championship, pah) player would you most like your club to sign?

Who is your club's weakest link?

Name the eleven that you'd pick to start your first game of next season.

Would you prefer your team to win promotion this season, or your nation to win the World Cup?  

When Hollywood finally comes to its senses and makes a blockbuster movie based on the story of your club, who'll play your manager?

In general, what's your opinion of beards? 

What is the capital of Ecuador?

Did you cheat in answering the previous question?

One of our editors has annoying neighbours. How much for a contract killing?

If your players were given the task of making gravy as some kind of team-building exercise, how would it turn out?

Which is best, mud or dust?

Is there really any need?

Anything else we ought to know?