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Firstly, this section was only possible due to the dedication and generosity of Nicholas Ralph, who compiled and supplied all the initial statistics. BSaD salutes you and the drinks are on us next time you're on this side of the Atlantic.

What you're looking at is a complete database of results from the entry of the newly-formed Watford Football Club into the Southern League in the 1898-99 season up to and including the 2003-04 campaign. If you spot any mistakes, please let me know!

Results are organised by opponent, with the Watford score coming first in all cases. The following competitions are covered:

Each page is divided into two sections. The first, titled 'The Bare Facts', gives a quick summary of Watford fixtures against the chosen opponent. On the left are totals of wins, draws and losses, goals for and goals against for fixtures in the Football League and all competitions. On the right is a list of the biggest victory, the biggest defeat and the highest aggregate score - note that in instances where the margin of victory or defeat has happened more than once, the highest score is recorded (3-1 rather than 2-0, for example).

Below this overview is a second section, titled 'The Full Story'. This lists every result against the chosen club - results are divided by competition and displayed in chronological order.

League games are listed thus:

1961-62 H 2-3 A 3-4

The season comes first, followed by the home and away results (Watford score first).

Cup ties are listed thus:

1963-64 1 A 1-1 HR 2-1

The season comes first, followed by the round (Q = qualifying, P = preliminary, QF = quarter-final, SF = semi-final, F = final). Games are listed in the order that they were played, with a superscript 'R' indicating a replay - so, in this case, the away game was drawn 1-1 and Watford won the replay 2-1. If no replay indicator appears by the second game, the cup tie is two-legged. Where 'N' replaces the usual home/away indicator, the game was played at a neutral venue; where 'W' appears, the game was played at Wembley; where 'P' appears, it is followed by the score of a penalty shoot-out.

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