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The Yellow Experience
(A Watford fanzine)
When "The Yellow Experience" returned from a five year holiday at the start of the Premiership season, there wasn't a great deal of fuss. Watford fans were otherwise occupied, day-dreaming of visiting the nation's finest stadia and competing against the world's finest players (and Stuart Ripley). Issue eleven, reviewed by yours truly, was given the nod of approval and we moved on.

A few months later, we're now onto issue fifteen and I'm compelled to return. Because, almost without anyone noticing, "TYE" has become a fanzine that Watford fans should be proud of, and that deserves a more resoundingly positive review on these pages.

As ever, it's about content, and "TYE" has content coming out of its ears. Crucially, it has steered away from the more traditional fanzine fare of out-of-date match reports and unnecessary shouting about local rivals to come up with its own recipe.

It's simple enough. The articles are personal and gently entertaining, brief glimpses of the experiences and thoughts of other supporters. And that's just the way I like it - the people who speak loudest are usually those with least to say, and "TYE" has gained a quiet, friendly authority that makes it immensely readable.

So issue fifteen contains fine pieces about being married to a Watford fan, taking the kids to the Vic for the first time, the East Stand, the 4-0 victory at Kenilworth Road (which is, I guess, more traditional fanzine fare...except that one of the accounts is by Ray Bloom and is fall-off-your-chair hilarious), ticket touts, the pre-season tour of the Isle of Man, and so on. Oh, and a front cover so lovely you'll want to have it framed.

For a quid, that would be more than enough. But "TYE" has also been venturing bravely into the offices of those who hold the power at our football club, resulting in a series of interviews that are absolutely essential reading for Watford fans. Previous encounters have included Howard Wells and, memorably, Graham Taylor, while Nigel Wray and Haig Oundjian appear in the current and forthcoming issues. These lengthy, detailed, insightful question-and-answer sessions go far beyond anything else available to supporters, they are unmissable.

There you go, then. Next time you pass Colin in Vicarage Road, you know what to do.

Price: £1

From: 1 Doggett Street, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 7BN