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Official club site
The official club site. Contains lots of information including match previews, reports, player profiles, photographs from recent games and contact information.
Sometimes it takes a while for a report to be posted on a match and the other downside is the adverts (pop-ups and banners).

Watford Observer
Up-to-date news from the local paper. Most articles are shortened versions of the stories published in the most recent edition of the WO. Details of the papers' fantasy football competition are also avalible.

Watford Supporters Trust
The trust's simple aim is to continue to ensure that professional football is played at Vicarage Road by Watford. It is run by Watford fans for Watford fans and is currently one of the largest and fastest growing supporters trusts in the UK. The trust wants to increase their representation in the club. On their site you can find out more about the trust, how to join them and help them succeed in their goals.

A Big Watford Love
Slow. That's how the latest stories appear here. Other than the 'news' the site contains a lot of interesting information about the Vic and there is a popular forum.

Watford Museum's "Goal-den Years" exhibition.
This site contains information about the "Goal-den Years" exhibition. You can 're-live the excitement of Graham Taylor's first (and second) period in charge of Watford'. Mainly the site is about the two "Goal-den Years" exhibitions in 2002 and 2003, which proved to be among the most successful events in Watford Museum's history. Coming soon is an online exhibition of memories, thoughts and photo collections.

Official club site 1996-2000
Travel back in time to the days before Premium TV! Digital Ink used to run the official Watford site and have kept their work, which includes a searchable news archive, online for posterity.

Glory Horns
Very much back in business after a bit of a blip, Glory Horns is well-designed and has plenty of up-to-date stuff to read. Many of the other sites seem to be falling by the way-side, but it's good to see that Glory Horns is going strong.

The Luther Blissett Explosion Experiment
The home of surreal, irreverent and occasionally inspired nonsense, this site is currently taking a break for five minutes...although it's impossible to tell how long that five minutes has lasted so far.

WFC Prediction League
A free Watford FC football prediction league - looks like it will be fun!

Million Pound Football Homepage
Pete Carpenter's idea for a fund-raising website, all proceeds going to the Supporters Trust. Chequebooks out, and so on.

Players' sites:

Alec Chamberlain - Official Site
This is the official Alec Chamberlain website, starting in what will be his testimonial year at Watford. This site includes questions and answers with Alec, Alec's opinions on Watford, people's opinions of Alec, a diary, biography and picture gallery of Alec through the ages.

Al Bangura - Official Site
"Spread the word about the BanguRevolution." No, really, do.

Supporters clubs:

Watford Independent Supporters Association
This is home to the Watford Independent Supporters Association, who run some travel arrangements to Watford FC matches. Last updated in the 2000/2001 season.

Watford Internet Football Club
Watford IFC is the unofficial Watford FC fans team which competes in the Internet Football Association League (IFA) against other supporter teams. The aims of Internet football are clear, it's about bringing fans from rival clubs into contact with one another for the good of the game.

Norfolk Hornets
The website for the Norfolk Hornets supporters club. Not updated since 2002. Has pop-up adverts.

City 'Orns
The supporters club for 'Orns living in London. Includes information about the supporters club and an up-to-date forum.

Watford Supporters Club Ireland
Home of the Irish Watford Supporters Club, contains some photos from events a few years back. Site contains pop-up adverts.

New England Watford Fan Club
Has 61 members across the USA, and information on how to join. Not much else really.

County Down Hornets
The only Watford supporters club in County Down, Northern Ireland. This site contains some club news and interesting information of past Watford managers.

Recommended sites:

It's A Weird, Wonderful World
Marc Jones' fabulously passionate and potent Wimbledon site is no longer updated properly since he became the official AFC webmaster, but there's still plenty to read, enjoy and inspire, particularly the diary entries from the early days of the "new" club. And a vibrant guestbook too.

The Fans' Stadium
The Fans' Stadium scheme, turning AFC Wimbledon's recently-purchased Kingsmeadow into a new centre for all kinds of supporter-based organisations, is yet another example of the Dons fans' imaginative, inspiring approach to their situation.

One Vale Fan
Rob Fielding's excellent Port Vale site has been online since '97, and it's maintained a very cordial relationship with BSaD for most of that time. A fine site, full of rich, well-written content...and made even finer by its liberation from the Rivals network, enabling it to share BSaD's not-for-profit, advert-free ethos.

Or "Writing about football and Nottingham Forest". And very fine writing too - thoughtful, witty and provocative - by sometime WSC and BSaD contributor Padraig McKenna. It hasn't been updated since 2001, sadly...but it's still well worth a visit to fill some spare minutes.

We Will Follow
A corking idea, this. A free site through which you can offer and seek lifts to games from your fellow supporters.

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