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Looking for other Watford supporters?

If you're looking for fellow Hornets, in your area or elsewhere, this is the page. You might also consider joining the Watford Mailing list. For other notices, eg things for sale, you might try the main noticeboard.

Australia - Sydney
County Down
Dunstable/Houghton Regis
East Midlands
Holland 1
Holland 2
Kent group
London (City ‘Orns)
New England
New Zealand
North West
South Africa
South Wales
West Midlands
Wild West (USA)

Fans in Dunstable/Houghton Regis?

Callum Wylde ( writes "Are any Hornet fans who live in Dunstable or Houghton Regis?"


Sydney Hornets wanted

Matthew Cawkill ( writes "Does anyone know if there is a WFC supporters' club in Sydney? Championship games are broadcast on Sentanta for a large fee in pubs and clubs only, and I really want to watch them at any chance I can get, but I can't find any information. Please help."


Watford group

Steve Terry - no, not *that* Steve Terry - ( writes "A group of us Watford FC fans enjoy swapping stories and opinions on the club’s historical, current and future performance, while listening to music on-line with This website hosts user forums for like minded people. We have our own forum, recently established, but so far only seven members, including one from Finland.

We advertise BSaD with a link from the forum’s home page, so you can browse the music charts, comment on the team, or mutually admire each other’s music, and still jump to the excellent pages at this site.If any BSAD readers find the need to respond, just click on the links and sign-up. We’d love to hear from you."


Any Hornets in Holland?

Mike ( writes "Are there any Hornets in Holland? Maybe we can meet up and share the cost of getting over to the UK to watch the Golden Boys?"


Banbury/Oxford Hornets wanted

Chris Franklin writes "Anyone in the Banbury / Oxford area interested in getting together to travel down to Vicarage Road for home games and / or to the local Midlands away games?"

Chris can be contacted on 07815 761 542, 01295 780210 or


Are there any more Hornets in Denmark?

Tim Eastwood ( writes "I should like to find out if I am the only person in Denmark who regularly visits BSaD. The match reports always make entertaining reading regardless of the results. Keep up the good work."


Australian fans wanted

Max Rowe writes: "I would like to know if there are any Hornets' fans out there in Oz! if there are please let me know on"


Madrid Hornets wanted

Another Kate Holmes ( writes: "Don't suppose you know (or can find out) if there are any other Watford fans based out in Madrid? Would be nice to speak to people who understand the anguish of HH getting injured..."


New Zealand and Australia 'Orns Club

If you're an Antipodean 'Ornet, you should contact Marc Proctor for details of the New Zealand Watford supporters club, which holds regular meetings to discuss the burning issues. E-mail Marc at, snail mail him at 29 Union Street, Palmerston North, New Zealand, or phone him on 64 25 842 832

North-West Hornets

The North-West Hornets group currently has members in Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, West Yorks and North Wales. For further information, contact Roy Humphrey ( or Peter Goddard (

East Midlands Hornets

Keith Forrest is now running the supporters group for fans in the East Midlands area, which currently has forty-two members and meets every four to six weeks.

For more details, you can visit the website at, phone him on 01623 487501 or write to 19 Clumber Street, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts, NG17 7NE.

West Midlands Hornets

If you're in the West Midlands, contact Mike Bell who runs the West Midlands Hornets:

His e-mail address is and his phone number is 07980 816270.

New England Watford Fan Club

If you are on the mailing list, you may have seen the letters NEWFC after some messages, and wondered what it means.

It stands for the New England Watford Fan Club. The group started in he north-eastern region of the United States, generally referred to as New England, in 1996, with three or four Hornets from the WML. We now have almost fifty members spread throughout North and South America, and the Caribbean. We rarely meet as a group because of the distances involved. In July 2000 we started out own mailing list (approved by the WML) and we also have our own web-site ( and T-shirts.

Anyone residing in the "New World" is welcome to join. Please contact Tim Tweddell at

City Hornets

Paul Goss is now organising the City 'Orns, a group of London-based Hornets who meet for regular beer-fuelled get-togethers throughout the year. Check out the website at, with contact details just here.

Norfolk Hornets

Formed in June 1998, the already legendary Norfolk Hornets group currently has a membership of fifty-two (and not an ounce of sanity between them, I tell you!). It has regular meetings, a monthly newsletter, and organises tickets and travel. For further details, contact Steve Brister on (01553) 670031 or Jim Simmons on (01603) 470032, or send an e-mail to In addition, they've now been shelling out their hard-earned cash on a website, which can be found at

Irish Hornets

Having presented GT with a Waterford Crystal bowl as a congratulatory gesture at the recent friendly match in Dublin, the Irish Watford Supporters Club is looking for new recruits.

Contact Declan by snail mail at Watford Supporters Club Ireland, 346 Collinswood, Collins Avenue, Whitehall, Dublin 9, phone him on 01 836 7577, send him an e-mail at, or see the club's web site at

Dutch Hornets

Any Watford fans living in Holland or the surrounding area are welcome to contact Michael Andrews, who regularly travels to games from across the Channel. Contact him at van Koetsveldstraat 62, Utrecht, Holland, phone him on +31 620 552 520 or e-mail him at

South Wales Hornets

For further details of a new supporters club for Hornets based in South Wales, phone Steve Brown on (01554) 833 208.

Wild West Hornets

Hornets living in the Western States of America can contact Simon Holzman. His e-mail address is SimonHolzman@Yahoo.Com and his phone number is (909) 787 8595.

Yorkshire Hornets

Having recently moved into the area, Paul Holloway is looking to start a Yorkshire Hornets group. For more information, you can e-mail him at

County Down Hornets

The website for the supporters' group in County Down, Northern Ireland can be found at

Swedish Hornets wanted

Mathias Lindstrom is a Swedish Watford fan, who attends games as often as possible - he made it over five times during last season. He knows a few other Watford supporters from Sweden, but would like to get to know more and arrange trips to Vicarage Road, as well as trying to set up a website. You can contact him at

Bucks Hornets

If there any Bucks Hornets who would like to set up a supporters group, please contact Sally at

Hungarian Hornets wanted<

Gabor Kutas is a Hungarian Watford fan, who travelled to Vicarage Road to see the match against Nottingham Forest in December. He plans to set up a Hungarian Supporters Club and is keen to hear from any other fans in the country. You can contact him at or by post at Gabor Kutas, 7624 Pécs, Kodály Z. u 1, Hungary.

South African Hornets wanted

Michael Levy writes: "Just moved to Cape Town, South Africa and am looking for any South African based 'orns to link up with. Be great to hear from anyone in Cape Town and link up for a few beers to chat about the past, present and hopefully bright yellow future!" You can contact Michael at

Cardiff Hornets wanted

Gavin Cleaver writes: "It would be wonderful if there were some Watford fans in this wonderful city. No-one understands the world beyond Ninian Park here." You can contact Gavin at

Israeli Hornets wanted

David Freedman writes: "I moved to Israel more than 30 years ago, but have never stop following their fortunes and, of course, seeing them play whenever I'm in England. I'd really like to to know if there are any exiled (or native) Watford supporters in this part of the world who'd maybe like to get together. I can be reached at or by phone on (09) 7455917.".

Kent Hornets wanted

Alan Marshall writes: "I have just moved to Kent (Dec 03),and want to find more hornets in Kent to meed for a drink and talk about the good old days." You can contact Alan at