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"Cumin yuworns!"
(Yeah, I know)
By Jeff Dell

It's no small thing being the Chairman and Life President of the Bangladesh Watford Supporters Association, even if I say so myself, which I do. I am aware that many of you cherish the limited edition BWATSA t-shirts that you were lucky enough to receive, and indeed only this week a friend from Australia sent me a photo of his brother wearing one (number eleven of a limited run of forty) at the Elton John concert. I was touched - perhaps a little less so than my friend's brother, but we'll let that pass.

After three frenetic years of activity in Dhaka with BSWATSA peaking at a membership of three - me and my two boys - I returned home to London, and BWATSA lost some of its early vitality. I did receive a call from my brother who'd worn his shirt (no. 4) to what he'd thought was an Indian take away in Watford, but which was, in fact, run by Bangladeshis. They were thrilled and asked how they might join. I exchanged some very pleasant emails on how to make BWATSA ever more pivotal in the life of the nation - wet BWATSA T shirt competitions, day trips to Margate - but better the majesty of silence than the vulgarity of cheap publicity, and it came to nought. Sigh.

Eight years after its launch on a grateful world, BWATSA has moved to Delhi from where we shall try to keep you up to date with important issues such as: the boil in my knee, the mystery of Ghandi's overnight stay in Cassiobury Park, Luther Punkawallah Blissett and the riddle of the toy train to Darjeeling, the role of Watford in the early development of Sanskrit, Tony Curry - the truth, Route 1 - Pandit Graham Taylor and the road to Jaipur and Luton's role in world football terrorism. We welcome suggestions from our vast army of uncounted fans for topics you may wish us to cover and, though this is by no means certain, we may entertain applications for membership.

But before that, another football season is upon us and hope, once again, springs eternal. So come on Watford, come on You Horns, come on You Golden Boys!

Jeff Dell. Life President and most important member, BWATSA.
Delhi. August 3rd 2005