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Gone but not forgotten:
Peo Ljung
Position: Right back
From: Helsinborg, Sweden - on trial - December 1997
Record: Played: 1 Scored: 0
To: Helsinborg - rejected and dejected - December 1997
He was: Uninspiring

Triallists don't usually find their way into "Gone but not forgotten" - even I'm not that wilfully obscure - but Peo Ljung managed to step out for the first team and so has the dubious honour of a BSaD profile.

I've said that he played for the first team. Well, sort of. But not really. In fact, he was a member of the side that played Fulham in the Auto Windscreen Shield featuring precisely none of the team that had started our previous fixture - it was exactly the same line-up that would've turned out for the reserves if the AWS hadn't existed.

We also gave first team debuts to Mark Rooney and Daniel Grieves on that wet and windy night in west London. A pride-preserving and AWS-banishing 1-0 defeat was exactly the result we'd been after so everyone went home happy, except Peo Ljung and the people who got stuck on the District Line.

Ljung spent approximately two thirds of the game looking like someone who'd been threatened with the firing squad if he ever dared to cross the halfway line. He stood stationary on the touchline, received the ball, looked up, turned round and passed it backwards - hardly the kind of thing that's likely to fill Graham Taylor with excitement (although Ray Wilkins was seen in the area with an eager look on his face). He did venture into the attacking half of the field later in the game and even popped up in the opposition box on one occasion, but it wasn't nearly enough to win over the manager.

If the requirement for new signings is that they add something to our squad, then Peo Ljung couldn't fill that requirement - at least, not without breaking Nigel Gibbs' legs first...