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Gone but not forgotten:
Andy Hessenthaler
Position: Midfield
From: Redbridge Forest - £85,000 - July 1990
Record: Played: 217(15) Scored: 15
To: Gillingham - £235,000 - August 1996
Career stats: Soccerbase
He was: Tireless

Andy Hessenthaler was one of the more enlightened signings of the Perryman era. Brought from the non-league, he had few problems adjusting - his workrate was phenomenal (he just ran and ran and ran without ever showing signs of tiredness) and that saw him through until his distribution improved. Essentially a midfield ball-winner, his game acquired more and more assets as he went on - at his peak, I'd argue that he was the most complete player at the club, able to tackle, pass, score vital goals and organise his teammates.

His last season is probably best forgotten. He was a notoriously slow starter and the season was disrupted by injury - he just never looked like the Andy Hessenthaler we knew. Forever making pointless sideways runs, he didn't contribute a lot to that campaign. After relegation, he decided to look elsewhere and, having failed to find a club in a higher division, opted for Gillingham, just down the road from his house.

We can have no complaints and I hope he doesn't get too much stick when we play them next season - we paid a small fee for a player who was a central part of the side for several seasons. When he was out of form last season, we badly missed him - we still don't have anyone capable of doing his job.