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Keith Pritchett interview
Update by Marc Proctor
Last season he won the NZ double with Waitakere City, going through the year with only one defeat and winning the Cup 4-1 over local rivals North shore and beating Waikato, who beat Waitakere on the opening day, convicingly, I think 4-0. Keith was named Coach of the Year and his team won several awards.

He took his youth team to Napier and got knocked out in the preliminaries, still we can't all be perfect. (BTW my team got 4th)

Keith is now getting his team ready for the new National League campaign that starts next weekend and they are already raging favourites.

On the other side the NZ national coach has resigned and Keith is the favourite to take the job. He still lists Watford and GT as the biggest influence on his career in the various newspaper interviews that appear. Let's hope if he gets the job he will be more succesful than GT, however with NZ ranked 100 in the world the pressure won't be on so much.