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Keith Pritchett interview
Graham Taylor's comments
"Keith Pritchett has been here all the time I've been here yet he's never had a season when he hasn't had a run in the first team. From a regular in the Fourth Division, he struggled in the third and lost his place when Steve Harrison came here, yet won his place back.

He missed out almost all the first season in Division 2, but came back at the death and after playing bits and pieces the next season, he came back to be almost a regular, adding a good number of games to his tally.

He's still here, he always fights back and he is a very valuable asset, making up the squad of players. If Keith does what we want him to do, the he will hold his place, but I think it would be fair to say that he is very much a very valuable member of the squad.

He can't be that much of a bad player; I must think he has something to offer otherwise he would have gone. No club can manage on 11 players and that means the players from 12 to 17 can't be mugs. They've got to be useful squad members and Keith is."

(From the 1982 promotion yearbook, supplied by Tim Brennen)