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The Playoff Banner #2
Your chance to wish the team good luck!
Those of you old enough - because, terrifyingly, it really is that long ago - may recall that members of the Watford Mailing List were given the opportunity to wish the team luck ahead of the trip to Wembley to play Bolton. Hundreds of messages were received from supporters around the world and printed onto a stunning six metre, full colour banner; as you can see below, the result was presented to the team ahead of their date with destiny, while another copy made an appearance on the famous steps.

Well, we're done it again...only more so. David Hyams kindly offered to do the honours once more and BSaD asked for your messages. The spectacular result, featuring more than a thousand messages from the four corners of the globe, was presented to the team at its training ground this morning:

It will also be on display at The Rookery Store over the weekend. Should you wish to look closer, you can download the whole thing as a PDF file and zoom in (quite a lot!) to find your name.

Many thanks to everyone who's contributed towards the banner, whether in printing, publicising or just sending a message to the team. Now, let's hope that it does the trick!