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FA Carling Premiership, 5/2/00
Aston Villa
Tall tales
By Pete Fincham

They stole GT! They ruined my life by kidnapping GT from the bosom of Watford and we were left with Dave Bloody Bassett.

I had found out by listening to the old 9.55pm sports desk on Radio 2. This was the cutting edge of sports news, five minutes a night, and I stayed up late to listen to it every night with my light off, invariably on so quietly that my Mum would not hear. After that, followed by the news, there were the Grumbleweeds on a Tuesday, and various other half-hour slots that I grew to love listening to during the '80s.

However, this news came on an unmemorable night in 1987. But it was only a repeat of an equally unmemorable night a few years earlier, when my world came crashing down completely on listening to the sports desk. Graham Taylor had become manager of Wolves...yes, Wolves! He had joined on a four year deal. I think I was aged about twelve and this news was devastating. I fell asleep almost in tears and only the next morning, on reading the paper on the train to school, did I realise. It was Graham Turner who had joined Wolves!

As a result, when Taylor did leave and join Aston Villa, I had already done my grieving for him years before!

Thought: Sometimes the radio is better with volume!