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FA Carling Premiership, 28/12/99
It's so...
By Farzana Chaudry

As we approach the last home match of the century, sit back, relax and ask yourself one simple question: what sights and sounds would gee you up before the match? What would set Vicarage Road alight, with frenzied excitement, anticipation, hope and prospect for the next century. What would reaffirm commitment and belief from the minority "chequebook" brigade? What would ignite us and keep us focused, determined and defiant in our difficult battles ahead?

What act of compassion, kindness and tenderness could Watford FC give us?

It's so simple, it's so back to basics, it's so what Watford is all about, it's so about one man, and his team.... so please bring on Graham Taylor and the Goldens Boys; all of them, fit or unfit.

We desperately need to see them all, we need to thank them for some truly memorable moments, we need to spend some unashamedly self-indulgent congratulatory moments in self-praise, pride, vanity and glory.

But let's not forget that they need to thank us as well.

So get those Wembley flags and wigs out. Let's have a riot of colour on Tuesday.

We waited ages to be recognized; we're in the spotlight now, spots, warts pimples and all. We can turn it around.

This is the man and the team that CAN AND WILL KEEP US UP! Don't ever forget that, or cast doubt upon it! Hold those heads high, ignore the insipid mockers and tormentors.

We're in this together, all of us.

Watford 'til we die!