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Steve Terry testimonial, 29/7/99
Enfield 1(0)
Scorers: Alleyne
Watford XI 1(1)
Scorers: Brooker
A true Watford legend
Report by Andy Stocks

Tonight saw the testimonial of a true Watford legend. Steve Terry joined Watford as a schoolboy, signed as a pro in 1980 and was with us until 1988. He was there when we took the old First Division by storm, he played for us in Europe and he played in the FA Cup final. There is no coincidence there - anyone that played for us for that long, during that part of our history, had to be a good player.

Okay, he had his limitations - he wasn't the fastest player we ever had and he wasn't the quickest player on the turn. He was big, strong and good in the air. He was the man that played with the distinctive headband.

That is why it was so disappointing to see so few people there. Only 522 according to Rupe. Well, I am one of those proud people that was present.

Watford sent a squad consisting of Gibbs, Palmer, Perpetuini, Langston, Johnson (Lee), Gudmundsson, Brooker, Fiskin, Easton and a few others. Our keeper was the one that played against Wealdstone. Fortunately he played better than he did there.

Enfield were a far stronger opposition than Wealdstone were two days earlier. They threatened us and immediately put us under pressure, but it was Watford that took the lead. Brooker gathered the ball and breezed past a static central defence before slotting the ball past the stranded keeper. A goal of true class.

By this time Steve Terry had already left the field with a head injury. He wasn't wearing his distinctive headband, if he had then who knows what would have happened. He was taken off to hospital as a precautionary measure. It is a shame that he missed the majority of his own testimonial, especially as it was hinted that he would play for Watford in the second half.

The second half saw Bakalli come on as sub. Once again he looked classy and strong in flashes, but simply couldn't keep his level of consistency high. Lee Johnson looks like a good prospect despite his slender build. Matt Langston and Steve Brooker continue to impress.

Enfield equalised in the second half with an excellent goal, but I'm afraid I can't do the player full justice as I can't remember his name. He appeared to go past two defenders out wide on the right before striking past the keeper.

Young Fabian Forde made an all to brief appearance towards the end of the match. He looked fast and stronger than last year. I hope he continues to improve as he is an excellent prospect.

The only other moment of note in the game was when Rupe counted the crowd. He shouted it out, and a strange charactar rushed up to him with a note pad and pen and looked really excited. He asked if it was the official attendance, but when Rupe informed him that he had in fact just counted the crowd the odd gentleman got very annoyed. He stormed off before turning back and shouting something back at a rather scared Rupe. The rest of us were laughing furiously.

Rupe was so upset by the whole incident that he kept well clear of the other chap for the rest of the match.

So it ended 1-1 and wasn't the most exciting game I've ever seen, but that wasn't the point. This was a testimonial to a Watford legend and a good servant to Enfield as well. It's just a shame that so few people turned up to see it.