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98/99: Reserves:

Herts Senior Cup, 16/11/98
Watford Res 6(4)
Scorers: Smith 3, Gudmundsson, Pluck, Grieves
Cheshunt 0(0)
Why do we do it?
Report by Pete Fincham

God, it's cold. All you exiles over in Sunnsville can appreciate why you are there and we are here this morning!

Anyway, reserves last night!

Yes, that time of the year for the Herts Senior Cup, generally meaning the biggest game of the season for lots of mediocre amateurs against a lacklustre Watford reserve team, and for the first ten minutes of last nights game, so it proved.

Cheshunt, featuring such great names as Michael Rodeo, Panay Panayiotou and Omar Dervish seemed to absorb early Watford pressure, a team that included six internationals!

But then after twenty minutes, and a good proportion of the 141 crowd wishing they were at home, the game was changed by a late entry into the fray! Mike Scofield turned up! Almost immediately Watford scored their first with a low shot from just outside the area from young Tommy Smith, who was to go on to score a hat-trick. Straight away Watford added a second when Gudmundsson, playing generally on the right but roving around with a fair degree of freedom, curled the ball in from the edge of the area, and then from a corner, Pluck headed home. Smith headed in after good work on the right for the fourth and half time arrived. Hazan and Ngonge were replaced by Squires and Cornock.

After another Chili Bacon Dog (WFC / Beeton (Bum)ford - learn from the food that is available at reserve games that people buy stuff you can eat!) the battle commenced as the pitch hardened and the weather became even less tropical than at the start. A fairly pedestrian opening twenty minutes was again followed by Tommy Smith scoring. Gudmundsson came off for a well deserved rest to be replaced by Boyce, and with five minutes to go, a cross from the left gave Grieves the chance for a sixth and a low volley from eight yards nestled sweetly in the back of the net.

Mike then cleared off, so we assumed the scoring had finished too. It had!

Watford had won 6-0 to reach a thrilling prospective tie away at Royston or St Margaretsbury!

Chant of the night. Well, there was actually only one. Rupert at the Cheshunt fan (!): "Come on a moped!"

Hey ho! Why do we do it?

Day 3 (Didn't have anything to do!)
Hazan 1 (Couldn't give a shit)
Panayi 3 (Fine)
Easton 3 (Looked good at points, but this was against Cheshunt!)
Ward 4 (A rock)
Pluck 4 (As above)
Gudmundsson 3 (Wish he would read the game better)
Smith 5 (God might be in hospital, but his son playeth on!)
Ngonge 1 (Oh please, what is it with this guy!)
Grieves 3 (As Easton)
Slater 3 (The pitch hampered what he could do)

Cornock 3 (Had a good run out)
Squires 2 (Made to look like a park player, by a park player)
Boyce 0 (Only on for a little while)