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98/99: Reserves:

Avon Insurance Combination, 13/1/99
Watford Res 1(0)
Team: Day, Sigurdur Jonsson, Pluck, Gibbs, Millen, Ward, Johann, Cornock, Smith, Grieves, Petpetuini
Scorers: Own goal
Chelsea Res 0(0)
Smith for the first team!
Report by Pete Fincham

The reserves seem to have found themselves in a tidy little fourth place with games in hand, in the Avon Insurance Combination.

Results have been fairly consistent with only two defeats all season against Peterborough and Colchester, both games appear to have been on 'Hornet Off Days'.

Out of the recent games we can see that, arguably, that the defence seem very comfortable when faced with equivalent reserve teams whether from Premiership or the lower leagues, and we can score against the mediocre teams and struggle to score against the better teams, despite dominating games.

However, negativity aside, I would suggest that despite needing some more potency in front of goal, Tommy Smith is now ready to be dropped into the first team fray. I know he is lightweight, but GNW would not have voluntarily beefed up had he not been taken the piss out of him for much of last season and all of the 1996-97 campaign.

There is no point in having a reserve team striker scoring goals and not being given a shout (see Iwan Roberts, Dean Holdsworth). Strikers are a lot to do with instinct, and either they have it or don't. This needs to be tested, and giving Tommy two semi run outs at the end of 1997 is no bearing on his ability as a player now.

I would love to see him come in on the bench against WBA and score the winner in the last ten minutes!

We'll see.

Incidentally Gibbsy played just in front of the back four last night and was in the opposition half so much I thought he would keel over through blood loss! Did very well and I know he is eager to be back in the fray. The Trialist Jonsson looked useful but his crossing was not the best, and I learnt and Icelandic swearword from Johann!!!!