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06/07: Preview: Wigan Athletic

Our Last Meeting
"The game kicks off. That's about it for twenty minutes as far as incident is concerned... certainly no outfield player appears to leave the central third of the pitch although Alan Mahon does slug a long-range shot wide on six minutes. Off the pitch, excitement is briefly provided by my brother's late, cashless arrival at the turnstiles.

"This has got 'crap game' written all over it," murmurs Jamie from behind us on twelve minutes. He's not wrong. My brother departs again for a pie, reported as tasting "chalky". On fifteen minutes something nearly happens, as Jay DeMerit slightly miscues a backpass to Alec and Andreas Johansson almost enters our penalty area in half-heartedly chasing down. We collect ourselves after this rare excitement and settle down again into happy tedium."

Matt Rowson,
Wigan Athletic 3 Watford 0,
League Cup Third Round, 25/10/05

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
Muslin squares. For so long you scarcely knew they existed... now suddenly you notice not only that they're around but how useful they are...

Going down instead of us because:
See Swansea '83, Ipswich '02. The dreaded 'second season'. Plus they have David Connolly.

BSaD Verdict
The popular vote would see Wigan succumbing to second season syndrome and disappearing whence they came, but they've recuited well (except Fitz Hall, obviously) and are likely to hang around a while yet.