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06/07: Preview: West Ham United

Our Last Meeting
"But as an aside, it's worth considering West Ham's status as play-off contenders. Whilst it's difficult to dispute that they merited their eventual victory in this game, they really are a shoddy bunch for supposed candidates for promotion. That they've made it to the play-offs, and have probably deserved to given the competition for sixth place (Reading have earned the same number of points as us since Boxing Day for goodness' sake) is a damning indictment of the division. Betty's chirpy predictions for next season can't be judged fairly until a later date... but the Hammers are proving that you don't need to be that good to go up."

Matt Rowson,
Watford 1 West Ham United 2,
Division Two, 08/05/05

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
All the helpful advice that gets thrown at you from every direction. Especially condescending books that insist that every other way but theirs is the height of stupidity. Just go away...

Going down instead of us because:
The sheer willpower of everyone else should be enough to put the Ammers down.

BSaD Verdict
West Ham's surprisingly good fist of their first season back seems to have been re-enforced with some strong signings. If Ashton continues to develop (he's only twenty-two) then the Hammers could improve on last season's ninth. Annoyingly.