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06/07: Preview: Tottenham Hotspur

Our Last Meeting
"Elsewhere it was the same story. Smarty chested everything down nicely, laid it off to...the first Spurs player to intercept whatever he was attempting. And this is where it all broke down. For while Wooter could run a mile and still only be a few yards down the road, whether he had the ball or not at the end of his move sort of depended on how focused the Spurs players were. And they weren't, mostly. Sure, we can take some credit - Steve Palmer squeezed the life out of Iversen for a good while, and otherwise we were pretty coherent at the back - but there's always going to be something doing us in, it seems, and today, when we succeeded in dragging them down to our level and had some kind of gameplan to take the points, when the ball was all over the place and Ginola never looked like giving us a thrashing, it was sheer outlandish fate that gave us the finger. Frustration prevents any more poring over of what happened - but hey presto, we're one-nil down and the game is up...because that means we've got to score three to win, if you're feeling superstitious, because we haven't scored twice and won all season (no, I don't think the Wigan debacle counts)."

Martin Blanc,
Watford 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1,
Premier(not)ship(not), 25/03/00

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
Tantrums. Why can't they just sod off.

Going down instead of us because:
Martin Jol, in a bid to enhance his reputation as the 'nice man of football', will offer to play home games without a goalkeeper.

BSaD Verdict
Dimitar Berbatov is a decent signing, but unfortunately if the Champions' (sic) League-inspired inertia at the top of the table is ever going to be disrupted then you've really got to finish fourth (for pity's sake) when you get the chance. Funny that it was Spurs that stuffed up, naturally. Fifth.