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06/07: Preview: Reading

Our Last Meeting
"A fine, fine result; only a point, but a much more impressive achievement than the victories over Brighton and Cardiff, Chris Eagles' ridiculous goal and Marlon's late alertness notwithstanding. Let any remaining doubts be quelled. Yes, we're doing much better than most of us dared to hope from this season but this performance and this result, combined with ongoing developments elsewhere, should leave none in any doubt. We are more than capable of doing this, and it will be no smash 'n' grab sneak into the Premiership (not Premier, not a ship) if we do so, however unexpectedly. We are more than capable of achieving, and deserving, promotion."

Matt Rowson,
Reading 0 Watford 0,
Division Two, 11/03/06

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
The cost of the whole exercise. Have you seen how much babywipes cost now that you're in the Premier(not)ship(not)? And as for centre-halves…

Going down instead of us because:
Our wealth of Premiership experience should give us the edge over the Royals. Plus Glen Little has been interested for some time now; he's definitely due one of his moods.

BSaD Verdict
Summer recruitment has been pretty modest at the time of writing, Steve Sidwell's summer comments don't suggest a totally happy camp and Madejski's itchy feet are unfortunately timed, whatever his assurances about the secure future of the club. Nonetheless Reading were by such a distance the best side in the Championship last season that it's difficult to see them struggling. Solid at the back and lots of goals up front, the Royals should be looking at mid-table.