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06/07: Preview: Newcastle United

Our Last Meeting
"Of course, our part in the afternoon's entertainment was supposed to be minimal. In Premiership terms, we're no longer significant - to re-write the famous Millwall song, "No-one notices us, we don't care"....

Which makes it all the more frustrating that we've putting in performances like this and getting no reward. Whether we deserved a result at St James' Park or not, we've suffered enough and we deserve a break. Even the "plucky battlers" of media stereotype need a little morale boost now and again.

For an hour, we were once again persuasive in putting our case forward. Playing with anything like full intensity - discounting that diabolical first half against West Ham, in other words - we look a very decent outfit. Probably because we are a very decent outfit, and one that's held itself together remarkably well in the circumstances. "

Ian Grant,
Newcastle United 1 Watford 0,
Premier(not)ship(not), 11/03/00

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
The first few weeks at home from the hospitalů and the exhaustion that results from running just to keep up!

Going down instead of us because:
Whoever they got to replace Shearer would have their work cut out. Didn't anticipate that they wouldn't get anyone to replace him, though...

BSaD Verdict
Glenn Roeder has made a career out of decent enough first seasons and a serious lack of ideas when things get tough in the second. Newcastle look painfully light up front at the time of writing, and are still a long way off challenging even for the last Champions' (sic) League place. Assuming they sign some kind of striker before the end of August... mid-table, and a reasonable bet for a change of manager. Again.