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06/07: Preview: Manchester City

Our Last Meeting
"'Doubts remain', in fact, would make a suitable refrain for the whole game. I didn't want to go yesterday - I had to force myself to - but at the end, despite the result, I was glad I did. However, you can only take heart from playing well and losing so many times before it becomes difficult to stomach, and, with this calibre of team and with this level of outlay, if we play well we should be winning. Doubts persist over Vialli's persistent playing people out of position, and his seemingly inexplicable squad rotation, too. However, this game deserved better than to end on that note, so - we were good yesterday. Let's start winning some games with that sort of performance.."

Nick Grundy,
Watford 1 Manchester City 2,
Division Two, 20/01/02

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
The cinema. Still there, but kinda irrelevant.

Going down instead of us because:
Will struggle in away games, as there will be no room for any more players on the coach once Joey Barton's ego gets on board. Unless Barton moves to Liverpool, of course.

BSaD Verdict
Re-signing Barton is probably a plus, but Stuart Pearce for all his wider popularity really needs a strong start to the season after a poor end to the last one. Probably too good to go down whatever happens, but showing no signs of making any kind of progress. One of a number of sides treading water, without much prospect of winning anything but in no real danger relegation. Which is a good job given the reputed size of their debt. Christ the Premiership is dull…