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06/07: Preview: Fulham

Our Last Meeting
"Well, that was that then. The FA Cup for another year! How ever much you want teams to treat the FA Cup like the Holy Grail that we, the fans, still regard it to be, the absence of Manchester United in the tournament a few years ago really did start the degenerative process of something that used to be so great. Perhaps a telling moment as to Fulham's real attitude to the tournament came when I was talking to a couple of their fans, who advised me that in the last few minutes "The Daddy", Bouba Diop, would look to get himself booked to avoid the Derby game if Fulham were winning. Apparently, it would be preferable for him to miss the FA Cup game, the only thing this club has left to play for this season, than any league game."

Ian Grant,
Fulham 2 Watford 0,
F.A. Cup Third Round Replay, 19/01/05

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
Boiling and cooling water for bottle feeding. Because I always forget about itů

Going down instead of us because:
If you are in possession of Iceland's finest export and you don't make proper use of it, you get everything you deserve.

BSaD Verdict
Having ridden into the Premier(not)ship(not) with a degree of pomp under Al Fayed's banner, Fulham have been skulking around at the party, drinking the dregs of discarded cans of lager and hoping that nobody notices that they're still around pretty much ever since. Chris Coleman's done a sound job, but sooner or later Fulham will have a bad season with injuries and struggle badly. That could be this season, but at any rate the summer signings, assuming that Bullard is a replacement for Malbranque, will keep the club stable at best. And obviously they should play H more. Could struggle.