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06/07: Preview: Aston Villa

Our Last Meeting
"Despite the irritation of those around me, there was little to be ashamed of here. We will be relegated because we have made it easy for too many opponents, but Villa were at least forced to work for the points. There were no free headers from corners and no unchallenged shots from around the box - this was a match that Villa won, not one that we lost. For a change. So what? We lost 4-0 anyway, right? Well, most of us are already thinking of next season."

Ian Grant,
Aston Villa 4 Watford 0,
Premier(not)ship(not), 05/02/00

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
Nappy changing. Very smelly and shit even at this stage, and the chances are it's going to get worse before it gets better...

Going down instead of us because:
Ooh, tricky. It's hard to see them struggling, what with their magnificent support and everything…

BSaD Verdict
Christ knows. If success can be won through force of personality then Villa should be laughing, but there's an awful lot to do there and the clock ticking before the end of the transfer window. With O'Neill in charge the tantalising possibility of Villa floundering through a relegation battle looks more remote, but any more than comfortable survival would be an achievement.