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05/06: Preview: Wolverhampton Wanderers
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"As at Ipswich, we take our time to get going but this is a very different sort of game. Playing, essentially, a five-man midfield against a vibrant, confident side with a soft underbelly is a high-risk, high potential return strategy; we got the latter at Ipswich, we could have been stuffed if the ball had bounced the wrong way. However, when you suffocate a midfield against a side that are a little low on confidence, it leads to perhaps a less uncertain outcome. There's no shame in that - Wolves may be below us, but they're hilariously underachieving if you have a butchers at their squad list. "

How will they do?
Oozed quietly up the table at the end of last season as Glenda's astonishing run of draws began to turn into wins. This has fuelled a not uncharacteristic confidence at Molineux regarding the forthcoming campaign. Wolves should be strong opposition, but whether, with Kenny Miller and the surely en route Camara both looking for the exit, they'll quite have enough firepower would be my question. There or thereabouts, but the safest bet is, as ever, seventh.