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05/06: Preview: Sheffield Wednesday
Opposition opinion

Soundbites(from assorted census correspondents)

"Gerald sibon is the greatest player ever to play the game"

"I really hope we (Wednesday) can just stay up this season. This club seems to be cursed with injuries, and we've already being hit with about 5 this pre-season...hopefully most will be back in time though, although in my opinion our best player has today been ruled out until October at the least, tricky right winger Jon-Paul McGovern (I still put him in the starting 11 above though, because..we have no other right midfielders!!) NO...I'm not making excuses already!! lol"

"I know of a football club just in Cambridgeshire thats going cheep. Peter Kennedy was a star for them last season."

"Elephants have no Kneekaps - which means they can't jump"

"I thought this was one of the weirdest survey's I have ever taken part in. Thanks. "

"wednesdat till i die"

"Filling in the teamsheet has made me realise how exposed we are in attack and right side of midfield - so thanks for ruining my day."

"When we play you next season, keep a look out for out apparantly 'amazing' fans complete and utter failure to sing more than three songs. Over and over and over a-fucking-gain."