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05/06: Preview: Reading
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"In that respect, we should be pleased with the afternoon, even as the result continues to annoy. With no quibbles about motivation, selections and suchlike, we faced and matched one of the division's in-form teams. They made life difficult for us and it was rarely pretty as a consequence, but we did the same in return, and a draw would've been a satisfactory and proper outcome for all concerned, really. In contrast to last May, when they were a shabby shower, Reading looked like a decent, efficient side with some fine individuals, well-equipped to remain in the top few. But, at the same time, they didn't look like anything that we couldn't beat on a more fortunate day, and that's something to take into Tuesday's game with Wigan. Not such a break with recent form after all, then."

How will they do?
Reading started like a train last season but drifted, the outstanding Dave Kitson's two months out not helping matters. If the signing of Lita comes off the Royals could mount a more sustained challenge this time but the squad looks light of options up front at the time of writing, and an injury to Kitson in particular would be catastrophic. You can't avoid the nagging suspicion that it's "bridesmaids" again for the Berkshire side.