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05/06: Preview: Plymouth Argyle
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"It's increasingly evident that Plymouth really aren't much to write home about... solid but limited, and yet that's several paces beyond what we seem to be able to muster. As a Plymouth defender puts a boot through a meaty clearance, someone behind me mumbles, 'Why can't we do that...?'"

How will they do?
Five defensive recruits over the summer have included old heads like Rufus Brevett and Anthony Barness as well as, bizarrely, Taribo West. However it's not obvious where the goals are going to come from, as Mickey Evans descends further into the role of grouchy vagrant in a football shirt and Argyle's remaining forwards are, largely, still to convince. The defensive robustness should be enough to keep Argyle in the division, but don't expect much more than that.