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05/06: Reports:

Football League Division Two, 03/12/05, 3.00pm
Plymouth Argyle
Previous encounters

Last time: 3-1 (28/08/04)
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Last match: vs. Coventry City (A, 03/12/05, L1-3)
Last line-up: R.Larrieu, A.Barness, M.Doumbe, E.Ward, H.Aljofree, D.Norris, J.Jarrett, P.Wotton, T.Capaldi, M.Evans, N.Chadwick (Subs: P.Connolly, M.Derbyshire, S.Taylor, K.Lasley, L.McCormick)
Ex-Argyle at Watford: None
Ex-Hornets at Plymouth: None
Mutual friends: David Byrne, Francis Cassidy, Steve Cherry, Nathan Lowndes, Alan McCarthy, Mel Rees, Mark Robson
Web sites: P@SOTI, Rub of the Greens (Rivals), Official

Shorts, Scarf or Souwester?: See Met Office (London)

On this day

Previous reports: None
Saint of the Day: The Holy House of Loreto isn't really a saint, but it still gets its own feast day in the saint calendar. The house was where the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth. It was miraculously transported by angels to the town of Loreto in Italy where it is now a shrine.

Further information

Nicholas Ralph's Word of the Day: "Pococurante", someone who is careless. You've seen this often in football reports - "Gerrard is certainly no pococurante - that pass was flawless" and bla bla bla for another eight thousand pages.
Lucky fashion accessory: Antlers