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05/06: Preview: Norwich City
Opposition opinion
by Norwich fan Steve Whitlam

What happened last season?
Quite simply we didnít invest in the right players in the summer. We needed another striker Ė Dean Ashton proved himself once he had joined in January but by then too much ground had been lost. Our cause wasnít helped by the ridiculous amount of injuries that we had last year..

What's going to happen next season?
Depends a little bit on what happens in the transfer market. If Robert Green goes then I have my concerns as to whether Paul Gallacher or Darren Ward are suitable replacements. Damian Francis and Thomas Helveg will be missed but can be replaced. We donít want to lose Ashton, McKenzie or Huckerby. We need to make sure we have depth to the squad especially with the transfer window applying to Championship sides. Overall though, a top six finish is well within our reach Ė where in the top six? Depends on the transfers!

Soundbites(from assorted census correspondents)

"best to answer these when you are drunk"

"Forest think that Gary Holt is a decent player - they are very sadly mistaken !!"

"I used to live in Watford. Fortunately we moved to Norwich just as I got interested in football. Dodged a bullet there eh?"

"We've got 17 outfield players atm, and you want me to pick a starting XI?"

"You can't ride old men just cos they have handlebar moustaches. It's wrong, very very wrong....."

"Norwich SHOULD go up, but might not.
Palace SHOULD go up, but won't
Soton SHOULD go up, but will get relegated.
Wolves should be banned, but won't."

"I once met a nice person from Luton... ...nah! Only kidding!"

"I like pie, chicken and mushroom is the best. Also, Morrisons pies are better than Delias!"

"NEIN NICHT (that's German I believe)"

"They'd make good gravy cos we got Delia!"

"On the Ball City, the Norwich fans Anthem is 100 years old this season."

"There isn't a single team in the Championship that wouldn't want Darren Huckerby or Dean Ashton in their side this year"