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05/06: Preview: Leicester City
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"A quick break for Watford, and Webber is denied again, hitting a weak shot when well placed, before a double substitution from Leicester. And there you have it, before an hour had been played, Leicester had made their three substitutions, and not because of injuries. That in itself is a testament to the superb job that our team had done. We had forced Leicester to change their plans. Not by stifling them, getting ten men behind the ball ( la Burnley - not that there's anything wrong with that), but by out-attacking them, and being solid at the back. It was Stewart for Wilcox and Gemmill for Gudjonsson. Youth policy looking good at Leicester, then."

How will they do?
Craig Levein has shovelled a lot of dross out of the door over the summer, but you'd have to be a little concerned at his persistence in recruiting from north of the border - in particular Patrick Kisnorbo is his third signing from old club Hearts. This does not suggest a man with a broad perspective. There's far too much genuine rubbish in the Division for Leicester to struggle, one suspects, but a promotion challenge doesn't seem to be on the cards either. Very twelfth.