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05/06: Preview: Hull City
Opposition opinion

Soundbites(from assorted census correspondents)

"I do have a passion for cheese, nowt sexual mind, I'm no sicko!"

"Hull have one of the nicest grounds in the division in terms of state of the art, setting and fans. Don't be put off by some of the yobs who unfortunately create a bad image of our club. We just want a season of consolidation. "

"If the Earth had piles they would probably be in Cardiff." "Your bullets can't harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel"

"I was born just off the St Albans Road and many of my extended family are Watford Season ticket holders. I have lived up here for 21 years now (all my adult life) and think you should support your local team. Some of my cousins are coming up for a cracking firework party though!"

"let us hope watford are safe from relegation for the last game of the season! KC is a good place to visit. Hull trains do a good service from Kings x. Station is a 15min walk from stadium. "

"Isnt it time you got a job? you have far too much time on your hands young man."

"Get that f***ing ground finnished and lose the mincer "

"This division is full of cyber wankers. I thought League one was bad with Tranmere but Wolves,Leicester,Watford and QPR are total tossers"

"I went for England winning the world cup as it's slightly more likely than us getting into the premiership but it's not going to happen anyway ! I don't like Luton either."