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05/06: Preview: Coventry City
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"And 'uncertain' and 'vague' get you beat when you're playing against a team in a corner, especially in this division. It would be hard to claim that Coventry did anything much to deserve victory beyond taking a couple of their meagre ration of chances with astonishing, out-of-context aplomb. In the main, they were as bland as everything else, and they've certainly yet to acquire the obnoxious, bullying attitude that Micky Adams will surely require in the long-term; we should particularly regret our failure to exploit a defence that fell apart with the slightest nudge, backed by a keeper who flapped indistinctly whenever his intervention was required. We've let this bunch beat us twice, for heaven's sake. How did that happen?"

How will they do?
Coventry seem to have established themselves in the same muddy backwater of this division that they occupied for years in the top flight - a bit rubbish, but never quite bad enough to go down, a good season is one where a play-off push is threatened but never delivered. The new stadium might make a difference this season, but it's anyone who's seen Jamie Scowcroft play over the last few years will harbour few expectations. Stephen Hughes seems to have remembered that how to be a footballer rather than just behave like one, and in Clayton Ince Cov finally have a reliable stopper so they shouldn't have quite as narrow a squeak this time, but don't expect any trees to be pulled up either. Sixteenth.