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05/06: Preview: Brighton and Hove Albion
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"Indeed, the visitors had the only clear openings, although even these were rare and carelessly wasted. For the most part, we defended effectively, if not always coherently...and "for the most part" was nearly enough too, although it would've needed a bit of luck to help it along the way, and a couple of fine saves from Richard Lee. Brighton have a solid, sorted appearance, but they're not exactly crafty - Leon Knight's main contribution was a feeble, lazy dive when he got fed up with waiting for Neil Cox to kick him in the penalty area - and their finishing lacked that little extra, that vital few inches further away from the keeper's reach. Well, it did for eighty-five minutes anyway..."

How will they do?
The Seagulls struggled last year, particularly up front, and have recently sold last season's story Adam Virgo to Celtic. Much will depend on how effectively Mark McGhee is able to use any of the revenue from Virgo's transfer to strengthen his striking options, but Brighton looked like struggling before Virgo's departure. Not the weakest side in the League, but one of several with a small squad who could be stymied if the wrong players pick up injuries outside the transfer window. The Falmer verdict due in the autumn is likely to provide at least a short term boost (if it goes in favour) or provoke a slump (if it goes against), but either way the Seagulls will be at the wrong end of the table and could go down.