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04/05: Reports:

Football League Division Two, 11/12/04, 3.00pm
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Previous encounters

Last time: 1-1 (02/11/02)
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Last match: vs. Millwall (H, 07/12/04, L1-2)
Last line-up: M.Oakes, M.Clyde, J.Lescott, J.Craddock, M.Kennedy, C.Cameron, S.Olofinjana, K.Andrews, K.Cooper, C.Cort, D.Sturridge (Subs: L.Naylor, L.Clarke, K.Seol, K.Miller, M.Murray)
Ex-Wolves at Watford: Gavin Mahon
Ex-Hornets at Wolves: None
Mutual friends: David Barnes, Darren Bazeley, David Connolly, Bobby Downes, Dominic Foley, Colin Lee, Allan Nielsen, Martin Patching, Keith Pritchett, Iwan Roberts, Eric Steele, Graham Taylor, John Ward, Guy Whittingham
Web sites: Wolves Central (Rivals), Official

Shorts, Scarf or Souwester?: See Met Office (London)

On this day

Previous reports: Watford 0 Birmingham City 1, 11/12/99
Saint of the Day: Daniel the Stylite was one of the infamous 'Pillar Saints', who lived at the top of pillars. People would gather at the bottom to hear him speak and the sick would be raised up to his platform to be healed. He stayed a hermit at the top of a pillar for thirty three years, only venturing down once to convert a heretic emperor.

Further information

Nicholas Ralph's Numbers - Game 23: If there are twenty-three people in the room, the odds are better than 50:50 that at least two of them share the same birthday (day and month, not year).
Lucky animal: The ptarmigan (and no, that's not an anagram)
Unlucky food: Whatever Glenn's having
The BSaD Interview: Throughout the 2004-05 Season BSaD are interviewing eminent ex-Hornets for the matchday programme. The Interviewee in Saturday's programme is Tommy Smith.