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04/05: Preview: Wigan Athletic
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"All the more impressive, I think, because we were so clearly in awful trouble for the first twenty minutes or so. There's no secret about Wigan, no cunning plan...but they're big, they're physical, and they're quick, none of which are challenges that we've particularly relished in recent years. For a while, we were struggling dreadfully, only just holding things together in open play and then, when we cleared to the safety of the stands, finding ourselves utterly dwarfed at set pieces. Marcus Gayle looked like a player who'd only had sixty minutes of reserve action to gain the bare minimum of fitness; Sean Dyche looked like a player who'd much prefer not to be marking Jason Roberts. All of it looked ominous."

How will they do?
No longer an unknown quantity, but Wigan have recruited extremely well. They could still do with a centreback to replace de Vos, as the Jackson-Breckin combination is solid but has little cover, however there is experience and quality throughout the side. Barring injury calamities, play-offs.