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04/05: Preview: Rotherham United
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"This was much more like it, though. A proper game of football, even if it wasn't one that troubled the notebook too often. We've already played considerably worse and won comfortably (goodbye, Franchise!)...and it's tempting, especially when recalling a quite superb first half performance, to regret the failure to turn a draw into a win. But you have to recall other things too, namely that we were barely able (and, once, completely unable) to contain the Rotherham attack on the handful of occasions that it did break forward before the interval. And we were thoroughly battered afterwards. Not last season's fine, potent side, perhaps...but this was still very much the Rotherham that we know and lose to."

How will they do?
Gillingham came close to showing last season that you can't go on defying the odds indefinitely... that a side playing above itself in terms of its resources runs the risk of being screwed by virtue of an injury crisis here, a piece of bad luck there. Martin Butler's diagnosis with Hepatitis A, expected to rule him out for much of the season, could be just such a blow for a side that weren't overburdened with attacking options in any case. You wouldn't rule survival out... Ronnie Moore's got a track record of recovering difficult situations and the defence still looks solid. This could be their biggest test since promotion though.