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04/05: Preview: Millwall
Opposition opinion
by Millwall fan...

What happened last season?

What's going to happen next season?

Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)

"In the beginning there was rock...someone invented the wheel, and things just started to roll!"

"If Millwall have really sold Cahill to Palace then there will be alot of season tickets going back !!"

"After more than 700 attempts I have yet to win the lottery jackpot, but you know, I'm feeling kind of lucky this week"

"I have a complete Panini Premier League '93 sticker album"

"Is it true that Dyche signed for only 750 a week ??"

"If Tim Cahill signs for crystal palace he's making the biggest mistake of his life."

"I like Sean Dyche as a player and team man"

"Its going to be a tough season for both of us!"

"I am supposed to be taking my darling wife out for a meal, but I told her I had to look at something."

"I have a cat called Big Ron"

"At the momeny I'm somewhere between hysterical weeping and hysterical laughter. As one of the modestly financially sound clubs in the division I can't work out why we have no left winger, no left or right backs and thus have to play people out of position. And this afternoon I cut my hand, and it hurts. I'm going to run out of Rizla papers before tomorrow morning too."

" 'Ashley Cole makes UEFA Superstar squad'... The reason I don't watch international football anymore, he really is shit."

"We're all going on a european tour! But it will be probably end up as a day trip to T.N.S. in Wales."

"If I become ill and have not much longer to live I will most certainly be gunning down my neighbour, the Queen and various other Royals...whilst also blowing up Selhurst Park (whilst empty) and the Daily Mail HQ (whilst full). Then maybe I'd steal an Aston Martin and take Kelly Brook on a date to Great Yarmouth! "