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04/05: Preview: Ipswich Town
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"Somehow, it took Ipswich most of those minutes to conjure up a winner, despite being able to wander through our desperate, woeful rearguard at will. Alec Chamberlain partially redeemed himself with a fine save from a fierce Bent drive, after our attempts to push out from the edge of our area had backfired completely. Magilton fired wide after an attack down the left, then a superb move through the wastelands of midfield, in which our players were only so much tumbleweed, ended with Kuqi heading wide at the far post. When Paul Robinson's indecision left an entire flank unguarded, Kuqi rampaged into the space and blazed across the face of goal...and we were just shattered fragments of a team, pitiful wreckage."

How will they do?
The movement is largely one-way at Portman Road, with Bosman departures (and that of Chris Makin despite no home to go to in particular) suggesting that significantly lower terms are being offered on contract renewals. Ipswich have missed the boat as far as using parachute payments as a trampoline are concerned... mid-table.